Yves V: My involvement really shaped who I am as an artist today. Comments Off on Yves V: My involvement really shaped who I am as an artist today. 415

Yves V: My involvement really shaped who I am as an artist today. Comments Off on Yves V: My involvement really shaped who I am as an artist today. 416

Yves V, a Belgian DJ. Before starting with your successful career you were a physical education and morality teacher so how did you start with music from that?

I was a teacher! I’d always had an interest in music, I liked everything from trance and techno, but I’d always wanted to take it further, to step over to the other side. It was a „now or never“ attitude, almost. I knew if I didn’t take a chance and try making music, that I might never try at all and, haha, I’m glad I did!

Together with the Belgian-Greek-DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, you are resident DJ at the  festival Tomorrowland. How did this project start and how does it impact your career?

I’ve known the Tomorrowland team for over a decade – the whole team over there, Dimitri & Mike included, as well as my manager Nick and a number of other key guys – make the whole event exactly what is it. If you look, from year 1 to last year’s event, how much Tomorrowland has grown, it is so big and great, it looks like a different festival! But Tomorrowland isn’t afraid to evolve and try new things, adapt to new sounds. I think you can see that a lot with more techno and underground stages coming to play. Tomorrowland has a huge impact on careers, my involvment really shaped who I am as an artist today.

You made it to the #34 in the DJ Mag Top 100 in 2015 and also have several hits in Belgium and abroad. How does it feel to be one of the appreciated DJs in the music scene? What makes you so different from all the other DJs?

Thank you!  I like to just make music that feels good, has a positive vibe and on a lot of my collaborations, I want to carry that on, even if I’m working with a producer that is used to making harder styles, for example, we need to be able to give and take, to meet in the middle with our vision. I like to think that every track I release and every show I play is unique! But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

You just released your latest song ‚Blow‘ together with Marc Benjamin. How did the collaboration happen and how would you describe the meaning and difference of the song?

Marc is a really exciting artist that has released so many great tracks already in the industry. We’ve both released on Spinnin‘ and felt it was a natural move to jump in the studio together. ‚Blow‘ is the ultimate high-energy party track for when you want to BLOW away the stress!

So what’s next for Yves? Any new projects to come?

A lot of new productions are works-in-progress, some of them might not even see the light of day, but I’m also in the process of finalising some new collaborations which should be out before the end of the year. I also recently reached 100 episodes of V Sessions, my radio show, which was very exciting, so I did a sort of mash-up and mix of my favourite releases over the years. It feels like I’ve really hit a milestone with this one, the feedback was great from the fans online and I’m excited to develop V Sessions even more, in places like Ibiza this Summer.

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