Sean Paul: I write when I'm inspired wich usually happens when I'm at home in Jamaica

Congrats with your new single ‘ Take It Low’ We really did like it!

I’m great! I’m in Jamaica now waiting to go back on tour… I’m glad you like take it low – Thank you. 

What’s the story of ‘Take It Low’ ?

It’s a song I produced for myself… I’ve been doing more and more producing and I’m really proud of how it came out. It’s on a Riddim called “full speed” that I produced. 

When can we expect the new album? 

I’m working on it now – I have a lot of songs already… But still working on more. When I’m ready I’ll share it with the world… For now it’s more singles!

When you start to write music. Whats for you the most important thing while you start to write new music?

I write when I’m inspired. which usually happens when I’m at home in jamaica…  The dancehall vibes here really aren’t like anywhere else in the world. 

Are you planning an world tour?

I’m always doing shows so it feels like I’m always in the middle of a world tour. I just did shows in Poland, turkey, Cyprus & japan. 

If you think back how much albums you made, Which album was one of your favorites off all time?

All of my songs are my babies so it’s impossible to pick one over the others. 

Do you know some Turkish artists? 

While I was in istanbul I always watched a lot of local videos and I liked a lot of the artistes especially the women (smiles) but I can’t pronounce the names… Please feel free to suggest some to me. I would love to do a collaboration with a Turkish artiste. 

If you had the chance to do a collaboration with an artist who would that be?

I’ve been saying Alicia keys for years! Tell her to holla! 

What’s on your playlist right now? 

A mix of old dancehall like Shabba ranks, mad cobra, superCat & a lot of my own music … I have over 60 songs recorded now so I’m listening to them all the time. 

What do you think about The Music Of Now?

I like a lot of it… I like fetty wap’s voice and a lot of major Lazer’s production.