Milow: My new album ‘Modern Heart’ feels to me as the start of a new musical chapter in my life.

Hi Milow, your new single is called ‘Howling at the Moon’. What’s the story of the song? 

I wrote this song at the end of last summer. It’s a tribute to the summer and especially to traveling. I grew up with 2 younger brothers and an older sister so we always took our family vacation by car. Therefor I was already 18 when I traveled for the first time by plane. Since then I’ve been addicted to traveling all over the world, and I love that because of my music I can discover new countries and cities and meet new people. “Howling at the Moon” was originally meant to be a song for people who make friends (or fall in love) with people from different countries. And to bridge the time until you will see each other again (the next summer?) you can howl at the moon, to feel not so far away. I love the image of the moon since, there’s only one moon, no matter where you live in the world. Also, you can only see the moon if the weather is nice, so it’s both a night time image (one of the central themes on my new album “Modern Heart”) and a sunny summertime image

Let’s talk about your new album ‘Modern Heart’ what can we expect on this album?

I combined my acoustic guitar songs with electronic beats: R&B, hip hop, or (tropical) house beats. A few themes are running through all the songs: night time, big cities, traveling, and more general: human connections and communication in an era of social media. My new album feels to me as the start of a new (musical) chapter in my life. I.

The song ‘Ayo Technology’ ‘You dont know’ were big hits worldwide, How was your reaction when the song played first time on Radios & TV?

It was incredible to see how these songs were picked up and embraced by so many people all over Europe and even beyond. It was a great reward for all the years of hard work when I was playing in small bars in Belgium and writing songs on my room, hoping that one day I would find an audience for my music

What was the first song that you wrote?

The very first song I wrote was a (silly) song called “Shooting Stars”, when I was 15 years old. It was about getting away from my home late at night, looking up at the sky, dreaming about catching stars with a net 🙂

As an songwriter what is the most important thing when you work on a song? Which comes first, lyrics Or music?

I usually start off with a vocal melody, that’s what I think is the most important. If I’m really convinced of the vocal melody, only then I start developing the song, vocal melody comes first usually, then I start working on the story, message, and structure of the song, and later the final arrangement/production.

Where see you yourself in 10 years?

I hope to still be doing what I’m doing today. Writing and recording music, and especially performing live, all over the world!