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You are one of the first Turkish DJ/Producer’s to have had such international success. How does it feel to be one of the leading DJs in the music industry? What do you think are the key elements to your success?

It is an amazing feeling having such international success. Many people from Turkey have followed my lead. I am receiving many messages from young Turkish people, it is so amazing to be a role model for them. The key to success is working hard and discipline.

You just released your new single “Save Me” featuring Eneli. How did the collaboration happen? How would you describe the style of music? 

Yes, “Save Me” has just been released by Ultra Music. We have been working together since “Feel”. Working with Ultra Music is amazing because they are working very hard for me and the tracks, and they care very much, which makes me very happy.

Your song ‘Feel’ consists of a violin part which has become viral worldwide. Also we can clearly hear the emotional side of the song. How would you describe this mixture of sounds, is it something you want to have in all your tracks as it is also present in ‘Save Me’? How did you decide to colloborate with Sena Sener? 

Yes, the violin part in ‘Feel’ helped the track go viral and that made me very happy. I love the violin, which is why there are some violin parts in “Save Me” too. You will hear many eastern instruments in my future works. You will hear more of a combination of western-eastern music. We worked with Sena Sener at the beginning of “Feel” and she is really amazing, very talented and she has an amazing voice. I think she is one of the most talented young singers in Turkey. So I am so happy to be working with Sena.

Your genre has been described as mainly Deep House, Indie Dance and Nu Disco. How would you describe this combination of the genres which we can also clearly hear in your songs? Do you think that this is a major point as to why you are different from other producers? 

Deep house, nu disco, indie dance, are very similar genres, so many DJ’s feel confused about the style of the music. I like to use a combination of Eastern and Western influences to create music that fits within those three genres.. My style is to use western vocals with eastern instruments and sounds together.

You are also producing songs for other singers. You collaborated with Ayse Hatun Önal for her new album. How did this collaboration happen, how were the recording sessions? Did you work together on that in person or did you send each other parts?

Yes, when I hear a good sound and feel it’s soul I always like to use it. If I hear a sound which I can feel it’s soul, that makes me so happy. Ayse Hatun Onal’s album was an example of this. I liked 2 tracks and wanted to make them. But now, I am so busy, so I need to work on international sounds because this is our priority.

Can we expect song releases from you for other artists both internationally and in Turkey in the future? 

Of course, I will continue with vocalists who I trust from Turkey and across the World. I like to work with vocalists I trust as I feel comfortable knowing that the end result will be great.

How did you start with music? Was it difficult for you to become internationally successful without gaining much fame in Turkey in the past? Were there any inspiring people who lead you to take this direction into the music scene? 

I started making music in Bursa, my hometown. I was working in many areas at that time but music was the most interesting for me, so I continued with that. It was a process to become internationally successful without gaining much fame in Turkey. But I didn’t have any aim to be famous, I just made music and it touched people’s soul, it occurred with the flowing of the music. Now I and my team are so happy about the success we have had so far. I am inspired by my close friends and my family, they support me all the time.

What’s next for Mahmut Orhan? Any new projects and songs to come? 

I have so much work to do, I never neglect making music during my busy schedule. You will hear some sounds which you haven’t heard before from Mahmut Orhan in my future projects. Now I am working on them, I hope that I can share with you soon.

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