Faydee: I had a dream about what I’m doing right now, i just never thought i would be able to get this far.

We would describe your turning point of your career when you released the English/Arabic song „Habibi (I Need Your Love)“ which made it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart and earning you a BMI award for your writing on the record. How would you describe this song? What is the difference of the song which made it so successful?

“Habibi (I Need Your Love” just happened organically. I first wrote it in 2013, and i went in the studio with the intention to write something that came from a real place and i knew i wanted to add arabic melody and lyrics. After the song was done, Shaggy and Mohombi heard the record and it just became this awesome collaboration. Some things you can’t duplicate, it’s all about good energy and timing.

Your other hit was „Lullaby“ which received huge commercial success charting in several countries including Turkey, Romania, Cyprus, Moldova and more. On this track people can clearly recognize your style of genre dance and R&B. How do you combine these genres together? On which way does it influence your songs?

I really like both genres, and sometimes i cant choose, so i like to combine both. I grew up half my life listening to dance and then the other half being obsessed with 90s R&B music. I think no matter what genre i do now, i automatically stamp my style through the way i sing and write my music.

You just released your new EP „Patterns“ which already stormed the charts in different countries including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Niger, Romania and even your home country Australia. How would you describe this EP, what’s the story behind it? Do you think that you developed yourself as an artist when you look at your first releases and your latest ones?

This release was so much fun but also really challenging. The EP was executive produced by my good friend Divy Pota who is also super talented and really understands my music and the way i work more than anyone. He told me “Listen, i need to hear 100% Faydee on this record, don’t think of the radio, don’t think of the clubs, i want you to dig deep and just write and have fun” and i have to say, it was one of the best times making “Patterns”

Your first release of the EP „More“ gives us some summer vibes and makes us wanna dance. The music is also different from what we hear nowadays from the mainstream songs. What’s the difference of the song that makes it so special to listen to? How do you connect yourself with the song?

Ive been really into Deep house music lately and wanted to incorporate that with my style, i also wanted to challenge myself and write and record some spanish vocals on there, when i heard the music, i automatically felt like i needed to add some spanish on this record. It was very organic.

Your official video of „More“ gained important views within the first 24 hours of its release. In the official video everything is kept simple and natural. What’s the meaning of the official video in relation with the message of the song? How were the recordings for the video?

Actually, i wanted this video to be simple and euphoric, like the song. My last few videos have been really big and full of extras and with this, i just wanted something that could connect with my fans where they are able to form their own message and connection with the video and song. For me, the video portrayed two people that gravitate to each other, no matter how they far they are and in what part of the world they are in, even if they are not with each other 24/7. Like the saying “absense makes the heart grow fonder”.

You already charted in around 23 countries with your songs and also won several awards like the Big Apple Music Award 2016 in New York for the category „Best Australian Act 2016“. How does it feel to be one of the most important singers in the music industry especially in territories like Romania, Cyprus, Turkey and Bulgaria? What do you think about your huge fan base?

It trips me out honestly, i had a dream about what I’m doing right now, i just never thought i would be able to get this far, coming from a small suburb in south western Sydney. For me everything else that has come is a bonus.

As Australia is allowed to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest, would you like to represent Australia at Eurovision in the future? 

You never know.

So what’s next for Faydee? Any new tours, projects and song releases to come?

We are currently shooting a video for “When I’m Gone” ft Bess & Gon Haziri which is looking like will be the next single off the “Patterns” EP. Also, there were a lot of tracks that didn’t make the cut on this EP, so there will be a “Patterns” Part 2 EP out soon with some cool collaborations.