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You gained international success with your songs „This Is Love“ featuring will.i.am and „Policeman“ featuring Konshens for which you received gold status. Why do you think that these songs became internationally successful, what are the main differences of these songs in relation with your other songs?

You never know which song is going to be hot. I just write whatever feels good really. And if it sticks with me, I release it. With ‘Take Over Control’, labels were not interested in releasing the song. But it still sold over 2 million records in the US.

You just released your new track „Guaya“ which is a quite different song from what we hear nowadays. We can clearly identify Chinese vibes in it. What’s the meaning and story behind the song?

I wanted to make a cool song that had different styles, from Latin to Asian vibes. I think the combination works out quite nice. ‘Guaya’ means steel cable, but I sing “guayando” which translates to grinding and having a party. And I just really liked the tittle ‘GUAYA’.

In your official video the Chinese culture is in the foreground and you have a new hair style. Why did you decide to include Chinese influences both to the song and to the official video? Are you interested in fashion, how would you describe your new hair style?

There’s something about the combination of Asian/Dancehall/Latin vibes that really inspired me and I think it really worked out nicely. Playing with different looks and feels and different styles of hair is something I love. Growing up I played with my hairstyles a lot, trying out different kind of fashion looks. Fashion doesn’t have any rules, and I love that about it. Just do what feels good y’know.

What do you think about music competitions? Would you like to represent your country at the Eurovision Song Contest in the future?

Who knows. Maybe in the future. But not now no.

So what’s next for Eva? Any new projects, songs and albums to come?

Right now i am focussing on touring and releasing a lot of singles and next year I wanna release my debut album.

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