Eleni Foureira : Singing is more like an instict coming out of my heart, my soul.

You are one of the most important singers in Greece. You were interested in fashion design before so how did you decide to start with music? Were there any inspiring people who led you to take this direction into the music scene?

Going back to my life, as far as I can remember myself, I always sang and danced and did performances for my family and always expected them to cheer up at the end and get applaued. I was doing it since I was a very young girl. Growing up, I tried different things, one of them of the fashion design but also there was singing. Singing is more like an instict coming out of my heart, my soul… I started singing professionally in 2007, with Mystique, a pop girlband. We were together for 3 years and after that I continued with my solo carrier.

You took part at the Greek national final to represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 with „Kivotos tou Noe“. How would you describe this proccess and what do you think about the contest itself? Would you consider to represent Greece at Eurovision?

I would love to represent Greece in the Eurovision contest. I believe that the whole experience of the Eurovision song contest is a wonderful journey. It is a joyful union of people with different cultures and music influences which can be really amazing. And since it is mostly pop oriented and I am a pop singer, yes I would really like to be a part of it some day.

There is a virtual competition called NorthVision Song Contest where you hold the best result for Greece until now. What do you think about it been the most successful participant who have yet come for Greece? What do you also think about the support you get not only from your Greek audience but also from people worldwide?

The only thing I can say is that I am really really thankful and feel blessed! My fans, whereever they may be, are always showing their love and appreciation. What more could an artist ask for?

Your latest single „Mono Gia Sena“ already stormed the playlists worldwide and is recognized by its catchy beat and sound. What’s the story behind the song? Was it specifically made for storming the clubs?

„Mono Gia Sena“ is a song we loved from the very beggining. When we first heard the melody line and the beat. I knew it was a song I had to sing. We choreographed it from the start to its end and though it took me numerous rehearsals and many days to learn and sweat and bruses (laughing) the outcome and the clip and its climbing the charts made it all worth it!

In your videos you often dance a lot. How do you combine dancing with music, how did you start with it? Is it a hobby for you or do you count it as a part of your job, in your music video for „Anemos Agapis“ it has a deeper meaning.

Singing and dancing for me is a unique way of expressing myself. I am a self tought dancer. I believe that dance and singing is the best combination to give your audience the whole feeling of a song. Our body expresses with movement while the music and lyrics say the meaning. I learned to do it after many many many hours of practise and rehearsals and gymnastics, because someone needs to be in an excellent body shape and physical condition in order to dance and sing properly at the same time.

And of course I see it as a part of my job. I think it is complete. With visual and sound stimulation both at the same time. In Anemos Agapis we did a choreography to express the exact meaning of the song. It is a song with strong emotion and the feeling that love is the one true ingredient of life. It is one of my favorites.

You already won several awards like the Fashion Icon Award in Video Clip. How does it feel to be one of the most appreciated Greek singers? Do you feel under pressure by that?

I feel blessed! I have worked to get here and I never stop dreaming, or stop thinking how I will get better. Btter as a person, as an artist,as a performer, as a woman, as a member of the universe. I started from little and got all this way and still there is a lot to do more.  This year I won the best video with a cause award for my song „Den Sou Chrostao Agapi“ where we gave a message against women’s abuse. People got it. I received numerous messages saying that even with a video clip someone took courage to speak up. This is really something. If my name and work can give hope and something to look up to then I am really greatful for it.

Since 2015 you also starred at the musical „Barbarella: the 80’s Musical“ with important names like Katy Garbi. Looks like you have many talents beside singing. How did you get the inspiration to take part in a musical? Can you imagine to work on that more in the future?

Well a musical has a direct relationship with singing. WE had also dialogues and acting parts but singing and dancing is a main part of a show like that. This is why I decided to do it. I love musicals! I took some acting lessons in order to find it easier to do but I loved the challenge and I would definitely try it again in the future if a fascinating proposal comes along

What can we expect from Eleni? Any new albums, tours and new projects to come?

We are in fact preparing my next LP which is going to be ready mid fall in 2017. It will be released by Panik Records, my music family and I really really hope you will love it like I am as it grows in life! During the summer time we are on tour in Greece and Cyprus and maybe I will steal time for a few relaxing moments by the beach somewhere. Thank you!