Cher Lloyd: Writing this third record has been the turning point for me.

You just released your new single “Activated” which is mixed with R&B and pop. This song is something people didn’t expect from you, it’s different than your other hits. What did you want to tell to your fans and to the world with this song?

This is exactly the song that represents me best! I feel that my personality comes through and my fans are getting to know me better. I wanted to show strength and sass. And “Activated” has done exactly that.

This time you created your single/album independently rather than doing it with a major label. What was the difference this time, did you have any difficulties to writing it by yourself?

It’s been an incredible experience. Throughout my career I have learned from the most incredible writers and producers. Writing this record has felt so empowering!

How would you describe your new album?

It is 100% me. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

How were the period of times when you wrote your songs, did your emotions take an important part whilst writing?

Writing is a process. Some days are tougher than others. It was so important for me to take my time and produce quality, something to be proud of.

While you guys working together in the Studio Where do you get the most Inspiration from?

The things we write about are mostly from experience so when in the studio we share all kinds of stories and ideas we’ve gotten from the thrilling lives we have.

What can we expect this year from you?

There’s new music on the way. With music comes videos, shows more fun and maybe even a language switch, Ha-ha!

How did your life change after you participated at X Factor? How much did these experiences help you for your ongoing career?

It changed my life completely. I experienced so much being on the show. Being able to watch others and learn from them is invaluable!

You also supported many artists on their respective tours like Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. How were the tours and what did you learn from them?

Any opportunity to be on stage is amazing! I loved sharing the stage with them. Two strong female artists, what more could you want?

What was the turning point in your career where you found yourself as an artist and realised your success? Do you have any unforgettable moments in your career?

Writing this third record has been the turning point for me. I feel like I have rediscovered myself, and the reason I sing/perform/write music!

What’s next for Cher Lloyd?

Releasing my third album. Seeing and performing for as many of my amazing fans as possible!

Credits: Nettwerk Music Group and Secret Signals