Bob How are you? What are you doing right now?

I am good relaxin in LA after a strong summer 🙂

Your new single is called « Feel The Vibe » What can you tell about the song? Whats the story of this song?

In 2014 i felt with the come back of producers like MK or Duke Dumont that it was a good time to explore something more vocal house. In the club my feeling was the same, i spent the whole summer in Ibiza working at Pacha and i could feel that the crowd was a bit tired about EDM stuff. Then i started to vibe in the studio with my friend Dawn Tallman in NY searching for the perfect song for the summer 2015. It went very well, I play the song all summer everywhere and had a strong impact in my summer IBIZA residency « Paris by night » at Pacha, the song reach charts in a few countries, didnt reach Number one but it prouves me that i was in the right direction to with something fresh to go on.

You had a worldwide success with your songs like Love generation, World Hold on and many more, what changed in your life after the success of this songs?

When i start my Label Yellow productions in 1994 my goal was to produce beats for Djs and to play my own beats in the Paris area clubs. I couldnt even imagine in my most beautiful dreams whats happening today. Its amazing to have success when you live your Passion. In 1994 you couldnt have any expectations in that directions, Djs were only producers hiding their real Dj names behing few alter ego to create their music. They could only exist through vynil, the scene was underground. Step by step the Dj/Producers became real Musicians with the évolution of the technology and their style became a reference for the Pop producers. On my side i could live my Dj Dream travelling the world and spread my message of music.

What do you think about the Music Business of now?

The Music Business is more exiting than ever. All the Pop music producers have been inspired by the explosion of the Dj culture. All the kids dream to be a DJ andn i am very proud of it. The way that the kids listen music is different but they come to see their favorite artist LIVE, that’s why you need to be a complete Artist.

When can we expect your new album?

I am constantly working on Music . I am more into release a few single on a roll at the moment Today there is a lot of compiltition? on the dance music market then if u dont have a bit hit single worldwide your album wont have the right exposure and attention

How was your childhood?

I was a normal kid passionnated by Football and tennis, i dreamed to be a pro athlete but i had no skills I start to play in different clubs (Le Palace, Les Bains Douche, le Queen)  in my home town Paris in 1990, I am not that old 🙂 I was passionated by Black Music from Hip Hop to Soul, From Funk to Acid Jazz and I wanted to play my style in these clubs. It was a tricky game cos the promoters wanted only commercial Music for their Parties and I was suffering a lot to improve my style. Then I Quit the Paris club scene to make my own Label and try to feel Happy making it. Yellow Productions is born in 1994 with my friend Dj Yellow. I was making Music acid jazz beats at the begining and then Trip Hop always hide behind different names like Mighty Bop, Reminiscence Quartet, La Yellow 357. 1997 The Ist Bob Sinclar record came out on Vynil and it has been the launch of something unbelievable for me. Record after Record, Track after Track the people was more and more into my Music and I felt blessed for that, I could finaly live my Dream of making a carrer under this name Bob Sinclar.

Where do your most inspiration come from?

When i was a Black Music fan and I feel in Love about Hip hop in 1988. I just wanted to buy this Music to create and make my own Mixtape to go to school, I couldnt even in my dream to make money with that one day. I started to investigate and find how these Hip hop djs were making their own Music. When I discover that SAMPLING culture and how making I put all my heart and Soul in it. I was different from my close friends I was a week little boy but I knew I had something inside. I found my holy Graal in my Love for Music.

What are the upcoming projects?

« Feel the vibe » has been my song of the summer. The Fans consume the music differently, they liste nit but they dont buy it then you cant think make the Music the same way like the all days Today. its really Hard to make an Album as a Dance Music Producer then i produce song after song for the moment and if the light

I am constantly working on Music and trying to find the right mix between my différents influence and colors of music. My goal is always to create mash up of Cultures. Now i am working on the next summer Music.

If you had to chance to collaborate with an Artist who would that be?

I love Legends and a few guys then PRINCE will be a Dream or Bruno MarsWhat’s your motto?

I am searching for émotions I am a Vampire of Music.   

Did you ever been in Turkey?

Many times, Can u say hello for me to Dj Funky C ? very good DJ and MC

When are you coming to give a concert here?

I dont know yet ☺ but the sooner the better

What do you think about The Music Of Now?

The website is really exiting to Watch cos u are versatile in your choices. Proud to be a part of your project thanx for having me  All the best Bob Sinclar