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Arash how did you start with music? Were there any inspiring people who led you to take this direction into the music scene?

I started to sing when i was a kid. I watched an got inspired by MTV alot that time in my life. I remember that i loved Queen and Michael Jackson alot. I dreamed to be a superstar just like them.

Your debut album „Arash“ became successful worldwide with songs like „Boro Boro“ and „Temptation“ gaining significant airplay on more than 20 MTV outlets across the world and receiving gold status for your album and single in Germany, Russia, Slovenia, Greece and Sweden. How do you handle success? What do you think are the main differences in your music?

I was very happy and surprised at the same time. My life changed dramatically and i started to travel all around the world. It was hard and fun but of course mostly fun. I think the key to my success has been my style that is a mix of west and east I am trying to make crossover music that goes over boarders, both my Persian and my Swedish roots mixed with my life experience and music taste is probably what makes my songs in the end of the day.

In 2009 you represented Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest together with Aysel placing third in the grand final with the song „Always“ which was written and composed by yourself. How did that project happen? How would you describe the outcome and importance of Eurovision for your career?

I had a big concert in Baku end of 2008 and when we were there that time they told me to stay 1 extra day cause some important people wanted to have a meeting with me and my team, we stayed. My Love for Azerbaijan was also one of the reasons of course , really amazing people I meet there… They asked us if i was interested to participate in Eurovision fort hem and we were interested. The rest is history.

You are an Iranian-Swedish singer with Azerbaijani origins. Do you think that your background influences your style of music?

Of course. It’s thanks to my background that i can do this crossover with my music. I see my self nowadays as a world citizen.

You already collaborated with many international artists like Sean Paul with the song „She Makes Me Go“ in 2013 which gained huge success internationally reaching the top 10 charts. How did the collaboration happen and how would you describe this time of period?

I did some shows before and I meet Sean Paul. He is a cool guy. I wrote She Makes Me Go together with my main guy in the studio Robert and we thought of him. Knew he was a perfect match for that song and his voice is very unique.

„OMG“ featuring worldwide known rapper Snoop Dogg became a huge hit across the globe. The song has a different style from what we hear nowadays. Do you think that the music market needs changes regarding this? How important is the aspect „difference“ nowadays.

The problem with music and songs right now is that everything sounds the same and it gets so boring for a listener. I always try to do something that is missing in the radios at the moment or maybe not radios are that important anymore . You have to do something that listeners likes and appreciate and that can be something totally else , anyway I do songs that just feels right for me,  I follow my gutfeeling , if it becomes a hit it is very nice but most important is form e that it feels right form , that what ever happens I believed in it.

You just released your new song „Se Fue“ featuring Mohombi. The song is an up-tempo dance song which will be played in the clubs across the world. Why did you decide to sing in Spanish and what’s the meaning of the song?

I wrote the song with Mohombi and some friends and we all fell in love with the song. It’s about love and Se Fue Means She Left me.. I hope it will turn out like you say , but honestly I just felt that the World need a proper song but still uptempo and multilingual because the world is getting more and more multilingual for everyday.. Mohombi is btw a great guy.

What’s next for Arash? Any new projects to come?

It’s always something but for now Touring , I am doing a big show in Turkey for Example in a complex called Land of Legends in Antalya, It is like a theme park.. and the day after I have to go to Los Angeles for a big show in Santa Monica Park on the 4th July,  and I always work in the studio and have some great things coming up! I am working on a ballad for the autumn with Helena that  I just feel will be something else.. lets see if the audience feels the same.

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