Alexandra Stan: I know exactly what I want, when, how and where I know exactly what I want, when, how and where

You just released your new single „Boy Oh Boy“ which is planned to be the first single from your upcoming fourth studio album. The song is a dance hall and reggae-influenced pop song and gives us some summer vibes. The song is quite different from all the mainstream songs we hear nowadays, what’s the meaning of the song and what’s the key factor which makes it so different?

Yes, it’s time to make some new music, I already started to work on some songs for my upcoming album. I don’t know yet the name or the concept, but it will be definitely different. „Boy Oh Boy“ has a 90ish vibe. I wanted something representative for who am I right now. The song is like a dialogue between lovers. The girls desire to be more loved, they want to feel like princesses, so the guys need to give more attention, more affection, more “I love you” whispered in their ears.

Your official video was shot in Malaysia and shows us the Asian culture while you are being the spotlight in the video. Why did you decide to shoot the official video in Malaysia, what’s the meaning of the video in relation to the song?

I chose Kuala Lumpur to be the location for the video because this city is amazing, it’s like a tropical Asia blended with urban Asia or… Tokyo meets New York and Bali. You have it all there. Skyscrapers, the culture mix, with many Indians, Arabs, Chinese, temples, nature..I was mesmerized about the place.  I believe that the rhythm of the 90s can be found on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Happy people, with simple lives, but grateful for what they have, more enjoying, less worrying.

You released „Boy Oh Boy“ through Alexandra Stan Records, your own record label. Why did you decide to release the track through an own record label? What are the main differences releasing music independently?

It was the time to be on my own. I know exactly what I want, when, how and where. So, I choose to decide all the criteria with my team, that is very close to my beliefs.  The hardest part is that I worked a lot, I have fully involved in the releasing, promo and marketing processes. I was no longer just the artist, but also the manager.  I’m very happy with the result, everything turned as I wished for.

You are a Romanian singer-songwriter. Would you like to represent your country at the Eurovision Song Contest in the future? What do you think about the competition itself?

I respect these kinds of music competitions, but I don’t think will be my place there. I’m supportive of my country every time this contest begins, but I already represent Romania for some years now through my music and I will keep on doing it.

Can we have any details and release dates about your upcoming studio album? What can we expect from you in the future?

Not yet. But I will be more playful with genres, with styles, I will have collaborations, my upcoming album will be an experience, from the first song till the last one.