Vangelis: The Voice UK was an amazing experience for me.
Vangelis: The Voice UK was an amazing experience for me.

Vangelis: The Voice UK was an amazing experience for me.

Hi Vangelis, How are you?

I’m good. I’m busy writing the album at the moment. I’m working with Boy George on some tracks so I’m really good!

You were on the The Voice UK in 2016, how was that experience and what did you feel?

It’s an amazing experience. It was quite stressful at times, but it was great to let people hear my voice. It sounds bad to say, but I think I was seeking validation and I really wanted someone to say ‘Yes’ to me. It was my moment. It was my time. It was nice to get that ‘Yes’’ and do really well in the competition and be a finalist. It was a great platform for me and I definitely recommend it to people.

Watch his rendition of Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” during his blind audition here. Culture Club frontman Boy George’s chair was the first to turn for the then 24-year-old singer. 

Why did you choose to make a remake of the song “Sweet Dreams’?

It was such a last minute thing. The producer had the track for years and suggested I give it a try. I literally did it in 15 minutes. It was so quick. They basically built the track around me after that and it sounded really cool and it was different. It’s a nice throwback with a modern feel and I’m happy that it’s doing well on the club charts.

Listen to Vangelis and RetroPhobia’s “Sweet Dreams” here.

We heard that you are busy with an album, when can we expect the album?

Probably next year. There isn’t a set date yet. And there is also no rush. I just want to get the music right. There will definitely be some dancy stuff on there. But there will also be some balads and things like that. I’m working with producers while George is away in Australia on The Voice and we will get back to working on some tracks in a few weeks. It’s still quite early in development, but hopefully next year so I can do some gigs and shows as well.

What’s next for Vangelis?

Writing and getting the album out there. I would love to tour with Boy George and support him at some point. That would be really cool.


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