Rhodes: I write a lot about childhood and the memories i have from growing up.
Rhodes: I write a lot about childhood and the memories i have from growing up.

Rhodes: I write a lot about childhood and the memories i have from growing up.

Hi Rhodes, How are you? What are you doing right now?

I’m very good thank you. Im in Frankfurt in the middle of my headline European tour! I’ve had a little walk around the city, now I’m chilling before soundcheck.

You had an big succes with the song ‘Close Your Eyes’ What’s the story of the song?

Close Your Eyes is a song about overcoming fears. I wrote it about my own insecurities and the anxiety I had about singing and being a solo artist. I think everyone shares the same kind of fears in one way or another and i hope the main message is to be there for one another in hard times.

Your new album has been called ‘Wishes’ With who did you work on this album and what makes this album so special?

I recorded wishes with a producer called james kenosha. he was the first person i’d ever really worked with in a proper studio and it felt really good beginning and ending the first chapter with him. the album is very dynamic and cinematic. i suppose its quite epic in parts and the songs are very personal. the overall message is one of hope and positivity and believing in your own path.

The lyrics are very deep on your latest album, Where do you get the inspiriation to write those songs?

I wrote a lot about relationships and what we need from relationships we have. not just romance but also family and friends. i write a lot about childhood and the memories i have from growing up. There is a lot in there about my own journey as well from being someone incredibly insecure about singing and being the centre of something to being a touring artist on stage every night and singing about very personal things.

How was  the reviews for your album?

I think they were good! i don’t get too heavily involved in looking at reviews not for any other reason than just not really thinking about it too much, i don’t even like to listen to my own music after having signed off a mix or really critique it, so i only really care about what it means to the fans. 

While you are in the Studio, What’s the first thing that you do before you begin to work on a song?

In the studio i always wake up mid morning usually after a very late night! i’ll normally play around on the piano or my guitar before properly waking up and getting stuck in to recording. there is normally loads of editing stuff for the engineer to do, basically making sense of the previous days work before i can get to work.

You was in Europe, How was the tour?

I love touring in europe, its amazing to see all the different cities and places and faces. Its wonderful to see the crowds getting bigger and bigger each time i visit as well. 

How was Rhodes as a kid?

Tough question. As a kid i was probably very difficult, i got in to lots of trouble and was a rollercoaster of emotions I had a lot of friends but spent a lot of time alone at home and i’d think a lot. I also liked to be the class clown, but at times could be painfully shy. 

What’s on your playlist right now?

Right now! Sharon Van Etten, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and Bruce springsteen.

What’s the upcoming projects?

Im recording loads of demos at the moment. I want to keep moving with my music and hopefully get something new recorded sooner rather than later. I want to document each process like chapters!!


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