Omi: I knew this was the beginning I had prayed for
Omi: I knew this was the beginning I had prayed for

Omi: I knew this was the beginning I had prayed for

Hi Omi, How are you? Congrats on the succes of ‘Cheerleader’

I’m doing very great, thank you so much but I must give credit to everyone who helped to make it possible.

How was Omi as a kid? How was your childhood?

Well, my mama tells this story best but from what I can remember I was a quite well behaved kid asked a lot of questions maybe even sort of annoying Lol.

I was mostly reserved and always tried to find comfort in my own space no matter how little I had. I loved to draw and make up my own comics and I loved music.

Your song has streamed and its most downloaded song right now on iTunes, What’s the story behind the song ‘Cheerleader’ ?

I think the biggest story behind the song apart from the obvious is that it was not even meant to be a song, it wasn’t until I met Clifton “Specialist” Dillon and he heard the melody and the concept. He said to me, this is a hit you have to write another verse and we’ll put a beat under it and in 2012 the song took off just like he said.

Did you realize that this song would be a huge succes?

I did have faith that it was going to be a huge success, why? It was not just the fact that it was a catchy heartfelt meaningful song but also I saw the drive and enthusiasm of my team as they promoted and  worked overtime to get this song played.

What was your first reaction when you heard that this song was the most downloaded and watched song?

I knew this was the beginning I had prayed for, I knew it was what we worked hard for and I also felt like my career was on a whole different level. Basically I felt grateful.

What are the upcoming projects?

The upcoming projects will be a follow up single, promo in the UK shortly and ultimately an album before the summer is over.

Are you ever been in Turkey? Which artists do you know from Turkey?

No I have never been and sadly I do not know any Turkish artists but I look forward to going there and if there are any Turkish artists you would recommend I put on my playlist then be my guest 🙂

What’s your biggest dream? What has changed after this song?

My biggest dream is to be a musician, someone who is known for producing good quality music that will last a lifetime like so many who have done it before me and that is why I said that this song felt like the beginning I had prayed for. The beginning of fulfilling that dream.


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