Natalie La Rose: I always love fusions of different styles of music.
Natalie La Rose: I always love fusions of different styles of music.

Natalie La Rose: I always love fusions of different styles of music.

Hi Natalie,How are you?

I’m very well thank you 

What inspired you to become a musician?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been singing , dancing and entertaining people whenever I got the chance. I also grew up with all kinds of music around me. And if there’s one thing I know , is that music inspires, makes people happy and brings people together. So for me it made perfect sense to do what I like to do best full time!

What do you enjoy most about collaborating with different artists and do you have any plans for more?

The thing I love about collaborating with other artists , but also other writers and producers is that it brings all of our creativity together. It often makes interesting songs. I always love fusions of different styles of music. For example my collaboration with Fetty Wap, I think, was a great idea because we’re so different. And that made ‘around the world’ very special.

Do you prefer the Lyrics first of the song or the beat? or the both?

I usually start with a first draft of a beat. Then I’ll start writing and along way I build on production and come up with more ideas for the sound.

You recently an new song called ‘The Right Song’ that you together did with Tiesto, what’s the story of the song?

It’s basically about the love that I have for a song. After all, music is my first love.

What is the most played song on your phone right now?

I’m listening a lot to Kehlani at the moment. I love how she brings back R&B. Not only is she a very gifted singer, She also spreads the message of love, overcoming obstacles and being yourself. I think that’s important in music, and something I love to communicate to my fans.  And there’s one particular song on The Weeknd‘s new album, it’s called ‘I feel it coming’. I play it all the time!

Who inspires you (in music or life in general)?

My family and my friends inspire me. It’s the people I keep closest to me, they are are all very down to earth, very loving and warm, ambitious and intelligent. Because of them I’m always motivated to be a better person and to work hard.

What is your motto or piece of advice that you live by?

I live by spreading love and helping other people. I also believe that the amount of work you put in something, is the amount of results you’ll get out of it.

What would you do if you weren’t in the music business? What would be your another passion?

I love working with children. Children are so pure. They have no problem speaking the truth and the world is so simple through their eyes. They are the future. And I think it’s horrible that some kids are growing up in wars and other dangerous environments. Every child deserves a beautiful youth and the opportunity to work on what they want to become. 

What can we expect from you in the future? When will you release any new singles, albums or any new   

This past year I’ve been working very hard on recording new music, so you can expect new songs really soon!


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