Micheal Baker: Songwriting has always been such a beautiful outlet for me.
Micheal Baker: Songwriting has always been such a beautiful outlet for me.

Micheal Baker: Songwriting has always been such a beautiful outlet for me.

You’ve recently released your latest single ‘Revolving Doors’ which is rather a chilled out and soft song. What’s the story of this song in connection with the official video?

Revolving doors is definitely one of the tracks on this album I’m most proud of. It was written very honestly and one of those tracks that just fell out of me really quickly. The video  (features actress Kara Lily Hayworth) portrays a girl in limbo watching her life back. My good friend and director Gary Roberts and I were inspired to make the video by the Leonard Cohen quote “You go your way. I’ll go your way too”, which plays at the start of the video. And now with the passing of Cohen, since shooting the video back in October, it serves as a touching way to honour his inspiration to us all.

This song was chosen from your debut album ‘Dust & Bone’, the genre being mainly Folk and Americana. What does this album mean for you personally? What do you think sets your album apart from the rest?

I’d say the main style of the album comes under singer songwriter. I recorded and worked very closely with Bristol based producer Dan Brown on this record and think each track has its own different journey to take you on. It has its toes dipped in folk, a little bit of electronic and perhaps even some Americana moments.

How did you start with music? Were there any inspiring people who lead you to take this direction in particular?

I started singing and performing my own music from the first time I started to play guitar at 16. I used to go with a group of friends to Paris and busk on the steps of the Sacré Cœur. It’s a real magical place and you get to perform in front of hundreds of people looking out over the whole of paris. In terms if musical inspiration, then Damien Rice, Bon Iver, Paul Simon and The Doors, plus many more

How does it feel to be able to write your own songs and put your own raw emotions into it?

Songwriting has always been such a beautiful outlet for me, I never worry about laying myself bear or opening up my feelings and thoughts in a song , it feels both terrifying and liberating to be honest to who I am.

I recently got my dream of performing at Union Chapel in London, and the response from playing my album at that show & the energy that people give back is such an amazing thing.

So what’s next for Michael – any new projects and songs?

Lots more gigging and touring. I’ve got a live e.p of my album launch coming out soon too.  Lots of live gigs (lists on my Facebook page) Then onto album number two. The next one, I have plans to go away with a group of talented musicians  and make and album and film the whole process in a documentary style.  The dream would be to record the whole thing in a chalet in France my grandad built, but we shall see.  


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