Lindsey Stirling: Being brave enough is the idea of being honest.
Lindsey Stirling: Being brave enough is the idea of being honest.

Lindsey Stirling: Being brave enough is the idea of being honest.

Lindsey you are a violinist and suffered from Anorexia. Do you combine this story also with your songs? How do you combine these emotions with the violin?

For me, for example when I was writing the Shatter me track, I’m a very visual person and I think one of the ways that I really connected the music with the meaning was through the visuals of the album. The cover is a ballerina, it’s supposed to symbolise her feeling trapped in the way that I felt trapped when I had anorexia. The whole video symbolises the idea that one can break free from these emotions of being trapped and whatever it is that someone is feeling. I like to not only use the music to create the emotion but also the music video and the visuals It all stands for these deeper places.

Your third studio album ”Brave Enough“ topped the Billboard charts at #1 Physical Albums, #1 Dance/Electronic Albums, #1 Classic and even topped Calvin Harris, Skrillex and Avicii. How does it feel to be a leading musician in this genre and why do you think that this album became so successful?

It’s crazy to be listed amongst those names because when I first started creating music, they were some of my favorite artists. I was really inspired by Skrillex and that’s why I did my first dubstep track. I love Calvin Harris’s dance tunes so it was pretty crazy to be not only listed amongst them but to win awards with them or against them. Pretty crazy feeling.

I think the album was successful because I was very honest in it. I really wrote from my own life experiences. I tried to make the music reflect that and that’s the whole theme. Being brave enough is the idea of being honest, being vulnerable, being authentic so while I was writing, I made sure to really to strive to be that. I think that’s one of the reasons.

You performed with Celine Dion at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. How did that happen and how does it feel to be on stage with such a legend?

Oh gosh incredible! I’m a huge fan of Celine Dion and I’ve always loved her music and listened to her albums, so to be able to be on stage and perform with her was incredible. While I was playing I was like : ’’I can’t believe that this is happening’’.

The Billboards were looking for someone to play the guitar solo of the original Queen song and somebody on their team thought that it would be really fun to have a violonist so I ended up doing it. It was amazing. It was a really amazing experience.

You sold 500.000 tickets around the world and will be touring around the UK. How were the preparations for the tour? Can you give us any details on what people can expect from this tour?

I worked on this tour for months before it even started, planning it, thinking of the ideas, conceptualizing, planning choreographies, planning how the videos are going to look on the screen, everything. I’m very very involved in the production of my shows so I spent months planning it and thinking of ideas and it came together. I’m so happy with how it all came together. I’m really proud of this tour and it’s really exciting that I can bring it over to Europe. I think my fans are going to be really excited about it.

This show takes people on a journey. It’s not just about playing the music and playing the songs of the album, it’s more about feeling an emotion through the show. I’ve seen that feedback from people really feeling the emotional journey. They go through the whole experience of it. It takes them through times that will make them laugh and then make them cry. It’s emotional so it’s a whole experience.

So what’s next for Lindsey? Any new projects and songs?

At the moment I’m pretty focused on this tour but after the tour I’m planning on releasing a Christmas album.

‘Lindsey’s album ‘Brave Enough’ is out now and she’ll be performing at the Eventim Apollo on the 3rd April, for tickets please visit:$8828101&affiliate=HAL


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